Anthem Lexus Repair Service | By ToyoMotors

Anthem Lexus Repair Shop | Independent Specialist

Our Anthem Lexus Repair and service shop is conveniently located on North Bell Rd., near 28th Street. We have been in business for over 30 years and proudly offer Anthem Lexus Repair and Service!

The service center is not just your Anthem Lexus dealers alternative. From what our Anthem Lexus customers tell us, we are the answer! As a local family owned and operated business, we’re not too big to get to know you, and treat you like a friend. It is the little things really… like we answer our phone within a few rings. Have you ever called the Lexus Dealers only to be transferred, put on hold, or worse the endless rings? The knowledgeable and friendly staff at our Anthem Lexus Repair shop is always eager to serve YOUR needs, and the needs of your Lexus vehicle.

Our aim is to put the SERVICE back into your Anthem Lexus Service Department!

You will come to expect recommendations that are not pushy, and that are exactly what your Lexus needs! Never pressure sales or unnecessary repairs or service! Everyday our attempt is to raise the bar on what you’ve come to expect in Lexus repair and service. You will find our customer lounge to be clean, and comfortable. We also offer a variety of complimentary services and products to make your visit more enjoyable.

On the technical side, our facility is filled with up to date and advanced equipment to handle all of your Anthem Lexus repair needs. The technicians at our facility are kept current with modern technology, and are Master Certified to handle all of your Lexus’s needs. In addition we choose only great Lexus parts that meet or exceed the original when performing the service and repairs on your Lexus vehicle..

Lexus products have an outstanding reputation for being comfortable, reliable, and yet they are amazingly affordable vehicles. Lexus is the choice of many people who prefer a great product. As your Lexus Anthem Repair Shop we make it our priority to keep your Lexus running great at all times. To reach that goal we offer full Anthem Lexus maintenance services, we can also handle any necessary repairs that may arise.

As your Anthem Lexus Repair Shop we proudly offer expert level complete service and repair. We look forward to becoming your one stop Anthem Lexus service and repair center, offering you great factory level service… or better!

About mastertech1

25 Year veteran Technician, ASE Master Certified, L1 Advanced diagnostian, M.S. Advanced business management certified.
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