Engine Efficiency Is Boosted With A K&N Cold Air Intake System

A car needs air to make it run. The air intake system of a vehicle can help it and it can also hurt it. The K&N Cold Air Intake division has produced systems dedicated to making a variety of engines run more efficiently.

Gas is well known to the typical car driver. It is probably clear to a person that without that fuel a car will not run well, if at all. But what may not be known to an individual is the engine of a car must suck in a certain quantity of air in direct proportion to the amount of fuel it needs to make it go.

The air intake is responsible for managing the quality of air that enters the combustion system of a car. When the air and the heated fuel unite the car moves forward or backward depending on the gear that it is in. The quality of the air that enters the system of a car will also determine how well the vehicle will run.

Vehicles that run on a combustion engine require correctly filtered air to have a powerful, fast, smooth running engine. An air intake filtering system that does not bring in sufficient oxygen causes the engine to work harder which translates to a slower running vehicle with less pick up or torque power. Less torque can mean ten seconds to go from zero to sixty rather than three.

A cold air intake allows for a flow of air into the combustion system that is cooler than normal. Cooler air is thicker than warmer air and has a higher quantity of oxygen. The extra oxygen made available to the engine by the intake is what ultimately allows the engine to work better and make the car go faster.

K&N has been making products that increase the flow and overall power of vehicle engines for more than forty years. An individual who is perhaps looking to K&N cold air intake products for improved engine performance will probably find the experienced assistance helpful.

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