How Motor Modification Has Become Main Stream And A Couple Of The Ways That Vehicles Can Be Altered

During recent years vehicle conversion has grown into a large mega bucket industry, this is mainly because it becoming main stream thanks to the success of movies like “The Fast And The Furious” and the TV shows like “Pimp My Ride”.  These films and TV Series feature vehicles that have been heavily modified; this type of automobile alteration can cost thousands of euros and hundreds of man hours to complete.  The cars that are created after all that effort are pure works of art, often they are so modified that it would be impossible to drive on the public high ways and they can only really be used as show vehicles at motorcar shows.  Still lost people are inspired by these show cars and then start transforming their own automobiles.

Let us look at some of the ways motors can be modified, firstly let’s look at the body work of the automobile.  This can be altered quickly and inexpensively by removing the manufactures badges and add some of your own badges own stickers creating a unique look to a vehicle.  To create a totally unique look to a motor, it is possible to re-spray the vehicle in any colour and paint designs on to the body work of the car.  It is even possible to use paint that alters its colour as the light hits it or as the temperature changes.  Having a automobile re-sprayed can be an expensive  option as it requires specials equipment, it can run into thousands and thousands of euros for the more extravagant paint and design work.

Another way to modify the look of a motor that is often over looked is the Wiper Blades, not all Replacement Wiper Blades are the same like a lot of people think.  The majority of the Wiper Blades that are on cars have blocky metal frame to hold the Wiper Blades against the wind shield of the motor, to create an unique look to a motor it possible to fit what are called Flat Wiper Blades.  Finding Replacement Wiper Blades can be easy as almost all motor stores stock them, but Flat Wiper Blades are not often stocked.  The best place to look for these Flat Wiper Blades is online were they can be easy found by just searching for “Flat Wiper Blades”.

Another popular way of modifying a motor is to add lights to it, they are a huge array of automobile lights on the market.  These vary from neon head light upgrades to large under vehicle lights and everything in between like small LED lights in the wind shield washer jets.  Adding lights to motorcar can be a cheap way of making a car more noticeable, especially when it is dark and they are most visible.  These lights are usually easy to install and often no specialist electrical knowledge is needed, as they just plug in to the motorcars cigarette lighter.

Another popular vehicle conversion is alloy wheels, although a lot of cars come with alloy wheels nowhere days.  These alloy wheels do not meet the requirement of most automobile modifiers as they want the biggest possible alloys with the thinnest possible tyres, with no visible gap between the body work of the motorcar and the wheel.  Luckily for these people they are a large range of alloys on the market today, they come in many different styles and sizes to fit any motor and even the most outrageous tastes.  It possible to buy some of the cheaper alloys for several hundred pounds, but some of the more extravagant one can cost over ten thousand dollars a set.

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